Who Runs the Scottish Honky Tonk?

The HONK, or SCOTTISH HONKY-TONK is managed by Brody and Rima Jamieson. Put simply, Brody is a US southern “redneck” and graduate of the University of Glasgow, whilst his lovely wife Rima is a pretty lil Lithuanian girl educated in both Lithuania and the UK. They met in London in 2008, and the couple are the proud parents of four beautiful children. They were drawn to the Isle of Bute by its majestic beauty, and the lovely mixture of people that live there. While the islands of Skye, Islay and Arran might currently gather greater attention, the Isle of Bute, and town of Rothesay, is, without question, on its way UP: Aint nobody keepin’ this lil’ island down. The brothers and sisters of Bute know how to party – and party we do! Hop on the Wemyss Bay ferry, stop in, sip the HONK’s moonshine, and see what happens. Yeah Buddy!

The HONK has been, and always will be, VETERAN friendly. We up in here take care of our own! We salute all our NATO brothers and sistas. The SCOTTISH HONKY-TONK is also biker friendly and has any tools yall might need to keep yer motor runnin!

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