A Bull

In A Field

Of Cows


Take a Sip and

Enjoy the Trip


takes a big

bite outta

yer butt



finest of Kentucky and

South Carolina shines

Of course we have all the usual drinks any pub pours, but the HONK don’t serve no fancy big city drinks: this here is a proper drinkin’ hole and us folks here on the isle of Bute cut straight to the chase. Yall can just keep that fruit cocktail and um-ber-ella at home cause we got work to do. That bein’ the case, if yer lookin for a one-way ticket to DISCO, yall got three options to get yer party on up here in the shed. Pick yer pleasure with the following:

GATORBAIT: This here is a mean, green machine of a drink chock full o’ vodka, proper Kentucky shine and other down-home ingredients to rock your world.  Share it with yer buddies as it comes in three sizes, with the biggest, baddest jug bigger than a baby! Take a sip and enjoy the trip!

SHARK TANK:  Sure its mighty pretty with those Haribou starfish up in it, but run silent, run deep as this big, bad and blue concoction pulls yer legs from under and takes a big bite outta yer butt.

PROPER MOONSHINE: We here at the HONK only serve the finest of Kentucky and South Carolina shines available in the Scotland, with corn mash and sugar cane blends hittin yer head at anywhere from 100-125 proof (50 to 62.5 percent). In other words, don’t schedule yer driving exam the following day, cause it aint gonna happen!

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